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Minimalism and Maximalism An Art Dinner at the Museo Ettore Fico

When 11 June 2018
Useful info

8.30 pm
€ 70
Reservation needed info@bocusedoreuropeoff2018.it

With Luca Beatrice, art critic and Andrea Busto, director Museo Ettore Fico. Dinner by Viviana Varese, restaurant Alice, 1 Michelin star. Cocktail courtesy of Gin Mare and Vermouth Carlo Alberto. Minimalism and maximalism are polar opposites but they characterise both art and gastronomy. This special dinner will develop the theme by analysing two di erent ways of understanding art and life as exempli ed in the works of artists who embody the two trends: from Lucio Fontana to Alberto Burri, from Barnett Newman to Enzo Cucchi and many others besides

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