Experimentation? Notes on food and the real food mile Filippo Sinisgalli, Gaia De Laurentiis

When 12 June 2018
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6 pm
Free entry until seats last

Feuerbach said that ‘Man is what he eats’, a thought shared by Filippo Sinisgalli, an executive chef who with Palato Italiano has decided to take the ‘simple’ culture of eating round the world to enjoy its positive e ects – smiling, reviving memories, changing one’s mind or being moved – to the full. Here, in a discussion with the actress Gaia de Laurentiis, he speaks about this important decision – by no means to be taken for granted – explaining how rediscovering the original avours of ingredients is one of the most astonishing forms of experimentation.
Moderator Luca Beatrice, President of Circolo dei lettori.

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