Bonomi Pizzaiolo 1

In Two Senses Wine and food visions and inhalations

When From 8 June 2018 Al 17 June 2018
Organized by MIAAO
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Orari: da sabato 9 a domenica 17, ore 15-19, chiuso il lunedì
Inaugurazione venerdì 8 giugno, dalle ore 18
Ingresso libero

A set of works of art and design involving both sight and smell, specially created for the occasion by Piedmontese pioneers such as Corrado Bonomi, Luisa Bocchietto, Titti Garelli, Franco Giletta and Plinio Martelli. In front of the works, glass scent di users will allow visitors to inhale traditional and eccentric gourmand aromas: from the fragrances of sugared almonds and fruits to the smell of bacon and barbecued meat. The exhibition will be accompanied by performances, guided tours and workshops at MUSES, the European Academy of Essences.

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