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Lessons and debates between food and culture

When From 8 June 2018 Al 16 June 2018
Organized by il Circolo dei lettori
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Free entry until seats last

Food and literature, food and music, food and cinema, food and art. Based on the assumption that cuisine is culture, a series of talks in some of the loveliest corners of Turin in which Italy’s top chefs will converse with authors, artists, musicians, directors and actors. Hence a constant comparison between professions, experiences and inspirations, seemingly di erent but joined by one strong thread – culture.


4 june | 6.30 pm | free entry | Aula Magna della Cavallerizza Reale, via Verdi 9, Torino
With Land and Hands
Enrico Crippa, Carlo Petrini – Elisabetta Moro
Cooking is a heritage of precious avours involving the land and the hands: a heritage that needs to be cultivated and to prosper, to be talked of and handed down. A conversation on the traditions and future scenarios of food between three-Michelin-star chef Enrico Crippa and Carlin Petrini, founder of Slow Food, an association promoting good, clean and fair food. Moderated by antropologist Elisabetta Moro.

9 june | 11 am | free entry | il Circolo dei lettori via Bogino 9, Torino
The Oriental Recipe
Pietro Leemann, Federico Rampini
Confucius said that there is no one who does not eat and drink, but there are few who can really know avour. It is not only our physical sustenance that depends on food, but also our capacity to nourish the mind and make it active. This talk will revolve around the Orient with the Eastern philosophy-inspired vegetarian haute cuisine of chef Pietro Leemann and the dispatches and books of journalist and writer Federico Rampini.

10 june | 11 am | free entry | il Circolo dei lettori via Bogino 9, Torino
Forms, Colours and Flavours of Taste
Iginio Massari, Ugo Nespolo – Luca Beatrice
What are the connections between the perfect creations of Iginio Massari, ‘Master of Italian Master Confectioners’, and the acrobatic, playful, visionary world of pop artist Ugo Nespolo? Sensitivity towards colour, impeccable execution with consistent manual dexterity, and uncontainable joie de
vivre are the aspects that will be explored in this talk, which will attempt to explain the creative work of the two masters. Moderated by Luca Beatrice, art critic.

10 june | 4 pm | free entry | il Circolo dei lettori via Bogino 9, Torino
The Sweet Side of Storytelling
Michela Murgia, Loretta Fanella 
The creations of pastry chef Loretta Fanella are a supreme expression of her art, of her love for her ingredients and her constant pursuit of taste and harmony. At her restaurant, Opéra, they conjure up moments of pure joy, playfulness and reverie. In this talk on the art of enchantment, Fanella will exchange opinions with Michela Murgia, a writer who uses words to create images that remain stamped in the memory.

10 june | 11 am | free entry | il Circolo dei lettori via Bogino 9, Torino
Polyphonies: Stories of chocolate between Piedmont and Sicily
Corrado Assenza, Guido Gobino, Mario Incudine, Giuseppe Spicuglia, Luca Ferrua
Extolled in literature as a food and drink of the gods, chocolate is often presented as one of Italy’s nest ingredients, from North to South. This meeting will celebrate the art of chocolate with the participation of prestigious names such as maître chocolatier Guido Gobino and confectioner Corrado Assenza. A journey from Piedmont to Sicily with a polyphony of voices including those of musician Mario Incudine and theatre director Giuseppe Spicuglia.

11 june | 6.30 pm | free entry | Museo Egizio via Accademia delle Scienze, 6 Torino
Mediterranean Convivium
With Alberto Capatti, food historian and president of Fondazione Gualtiero Marchesi, Emilio Ferrari, Barilla Group Purchasing Director for Durum Wheat and Luca Govoni, lecturer at Alma.
Tasting of BluRhapsody by Michelin starred Roberto Rossi from Silene restaurant in Seggiano (GR)
In the atmospheric Galleria dei Re, or Gallery of the Kings, a talk on cereal growing in the Mediterranean guided by experts in history of food and nutrition. An investigation of the role that grains and ours have played in ancient civilisation and contemporary society, from domestication to bread-making to processing.

12 june | 6 pm | free entry | il Circolo dei lettori via Bogino 9, Torino
Experimentation? Notes on food and the real food mile.
Filippo Sinisgalli, Gaia de Laurentiis
Feuerbach said that ‘Man is what he eats’, a thought shared by Filippo Sinisgalli, an executive chef who with Palato Italiano has decided to take the ‘simple’ culture of eating round the world to enjoy its positive e ects – smiling, reviving memories, changing one’s mind or being moved – to the full. Here, in a discussion with the actress Gaia de Laurentiis, he speaks about this important decision – by no means to be taken for granted – explaining how rediscovering the original avours of ingredients is one of the most astonishing forms of experimentation.

13 june | 6.30 pm | free entry | il Circolo dei lettori via Bogino 9, Torino
Love Stories of Land and Food
Valeria Piccini, Lella Costa – Licia Granello
Valeria Piccini is rst and foremost a storyteller. Her dishes incorporate revealing little stories that are rooted in the tradition of the fascinating Tuscan Maremma, which they celebrate with strong avours and the nest ingredients. Here these stories will come together in a talk with Lella Costa, an actress capable of conjuring up imaginary worlds in which emotions are bound to memory, the land and food. Journalist Licia Granello moderate the talk.

14 june | 7.30 pm | free entry* | Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo via Modane 16, Torino
Periodic table. Exemplary Relationships between Design and Food
Martí Guixé, Marco Rainò
A conversation on the relationship between culture and food, between design and gastronomy. In a ping-pong of words and images, drawing inspiration from examples of model creativity, the two designers will tell the story of how design thinking has revolutionised the daily rite of eating in a positive sense.
* Cocktail dinatoire à la carte di Alessandro Mecca e Elton Zeqiraj, Spazio 7 – 35 €

15 june | 6.30 pm | free entry | il Circolo dei lettori, via Bogino 9, Torino
Directed By: Creativity and personality in the kitchen and on the set
Marco Ponti, Matteo Baronetto
A conversation between Matteo Baronetto, chef at Turin’s Ristorante Del Cambio, and director and screenwriter Marco Ponti, in which the two will explore the concept of authorship and creativity in two apparently distant ambits that, nonetheless, share many points in common. They both involve direction for one thing: on the one hand of a set, on the other of a kitchen.

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