11 GIUGNO CARNE – Frosini Timpano – foto Manuela Giusto

Meat. Frosini / Timpano Play with food 7

When 11 June 2018
Organized by Collettivo Canvas
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€ 12
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She’s a vegetarian, maybe a vegan, vaguely antispecist. He’s an incurable carnivore and accepts the ‘dialectics of blood’ as an existential principle. We smile gently and then we laugh and re ect and do a certain amount of soul-searching. And it couldn’t be otherwise insofar as we’re all made of esh and ‘ esh is born, esh grows, esh rots’.
From 7 pm to 8.45 pm, aperitifs courtesy of the ‘Masters of Taste’ and the food partners of Play with Food.

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